Our compagny SOKOLOFF ENVIRONNEMENT realize all kind of fountains, Choose the best option for your fountain :

Privative Foutain


Fountains and spotlights plant in collaboration with your mason and/or your landscape painter.

Municipal Fontaine


Study and hydraulic realization of monumental fountains, statutory fountains and basin of water with waterfalls, effects of water, wall of water, jets, mist, games of water and lighting effects.
The very uncluttered fountains emphasize the power of water jets and become integrated perfectly into street furnitures, square, place…

Bassin and Pond


To conceive, order your aquatic space, we propose you various pumps with water jet and with waterfall.
For the maintenance of your pond of enjoyment, think about a system of filtration and systems of oxygenation.


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Sokoloff Environnement était en train de rechercher un employé à temps plein.
Sokoloff Environnement

Nous recrutons 2 techniciens(nes) de maintenance en arrosage et pompage.
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Sokoloff Environnement

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L’ UNEP est la seule Union Professionnelle représentative en France de la Profession d’Entrepreneur du Paysage dont fait partie la SAS SOKOLOFF ENVIRONNEMENT.