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Repair and urgent troubleshooting, whatever are your needs, SOKOLOFF ENVIRONNEMENT assures a phone office with a regular hot line..

A fast intervention will be made for a troubleshooting or a temporary repair of your water supply or your pumping for the house, or your irrigation of the cultures…. Afterward, a detailed estimate will be established for a reinstatement

HOTLINE:06 11 16 32 89

A team specialized in the restoration of any damage, represented by professional technicians and especially recognized for the quality of their performance and their speed of response is listening to your needs.


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Sokoloff Environnement était en train de rechercher un employé à temps plein.
Sokoloff Environnement

Nous recrutons 2 techniciens(nes) de maintenance en arrosage et pompage.
#Emploi en CDI immédiat
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Sokoloff Environnement

910 Chemin de Jentelin

Téléphone: 04 90 94 15 33

Mobile: 06 11 16 32 89

Atelier: 04 90 20 95 59


Bloc marque adherent Unep
L’ UNEP est la seule Union Professionnelle reprĂ©sentative en France de la Profession d’Entrepreneur du Paysage dont fait partie la SAS SOKOLOFF ENVIRONNEMENT.